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About us

We are an artisanal enterprise making and distributing fermented non-alcoholic drinks & vinegar from our small workshop in the Orb Valley about 100km west of Montpellier. At La Maison du Ferment each product is made by hand and in small batches using a natural fermentation process in order to maximize quality, deliciousness and health benefits.

Our drink

Our water kefir is a refreshing non-alcoholic effervescent drink that comes in a variety of flavours. It is made from water, organic cane sugar and fruit or other plants used to impart flavour, and fermented with the help of the ancient tibicus culture. Thanks to the process of fermentation most of the sugar is consumed by the yeast leaving behind only about 5%, far less than in a typical fruit juice.

  Although too delicious to be called a "health drink", water kefir contains live micro-organisms (probiotics) that are known to be beneficial to the gut flora. We regularly drink our water kefir as a healthy alternative to commercial soda, beer or sparkling wine. It can be enjoyed as a thirst quencher, an aperitif, or a cocktail mixer, as well as being a particularly good accompaniment to fruity desserts.

our current range


our current range

Our vinegar

Our vinegar is naturally fermented from a range of seasonal fruit and herbs. The final character of each vinegar is defined only by the few ingredients that went into it and time. There are no added flavorings or preservatives. Thanks to its natural sweetness our vinegar is versatile and can be used in a variety of preparations from salad dressings, sauces and pickles to sugar syrups used in making desserts.           

Since the epidemic we have decided to carry out any direct sales from our workshop and by delivery. For larger quantities please contact us for a quote. 


We are available for hire to provide our drinks at events and festivals. We provide all our own equipment which can keep the drink cool for hours. Please contact us to discuss further.  


Please contact us if you are interested in ordering our product and would like to discuss delivery.

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La Maison du Ferment

25 Grand Rue Vieille

34600, Le Poujol Sur Orb, France